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Sales Professionals to get Knowledge Boost from bmobile and Sales Experts

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Press Release

“This is not a webinar. This is a full day virtual conference.” said Lyndon Brathwaite, co-founder of the Sales As A Profession Virtual Conference. Last year Brathwaite and Jarrod Best-Mitchell hosted the first sales conference ever held in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean region. The inaugural Sales 360 Conference was a sold out success and this year’s SaaP Virtual Conference is expected to surpass last year’s attendance target. With the theme “The New Sales Perspective” this Conference aims to assist companies which were negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as those that are looking to improve their sales teams and techniques.
A March 2020 HRC Associates survey of businesses in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges, with 40% experiencing decreased demand. A follow up April 2020 survey saw a more than double increase, with 83% now experiencing decreased demand.
bmobile is a proud conference sponsor and Ian Galt, TSTT’s General Manager Enterprise Services, will be one of the conference’s featured speakers. Galt shared why the conference was important for the growth and sustainability of the Trinidad and Tobago economy. “A strong sales team is critical for companies of all sizes if they wish to not only survive but stay ahead of their competition, especially during periods of depressed economic activity. Yet recent research has shown that sales skills are often lacking and there is a need for effective sales training. bmobile is therefore pleased to be a partner of the Sales As A Profession Conference and will continue to support the growth and development of our local business sector however we can.”
Brathwaite stated that they did consider postponing or cancelling the annual conference due to the current restrictions against gathering in groups, however, having considered the statistics, they felt that they should proceed with the event. “A lot of companies were caught unprepared and did not have a business continuity plan in place. We are getting a lot of calls from clients who do not know how to make changes in the way they sell and what the new sales perspective should be. We decided to proceed with an event which would really resonate on how companies should shift and use new sales approaches going forward.”
A May 2020 survey by Market Facts and Opinions (2000) Limited indicated that due to the COVID-19 pandemic local businesses were dealing with 3 major business challenges: maintaining financial sustainability, addressing staff’s fears and concerns and adjusting business operations

With 15 years and 17 years sales experience respectively, it’s not surprising that Best-Mitchell and Brathwaite would be able to put together a conference that overcomes the challenges of having to physically distance from other persons. Best-Mitchell added “Companies cannot sell and are therefore shutting down. Last year’s conference success and the crisis being faced by firms now because of COVID-19, demonstrate that a sales conference is really needed now. As with everything else, we had to make changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully there is technology that allows us to pivot and do the conference in a different way and still provide the same value, if not more. ”
Brathwaite explained that the Sales As A Profession Virtual Conference platform is extremely engaging and interactive, just like a normal conference. Attendees will not just be sitting and staring at a screen. They will be able to meet and greet, interact with each other, network and share their stories. Attendees will be assigned to tables and can set up virtual meeting rooms and private chats if they wish. There will also be a networking lounge and sponsor exhibition centre.
The Sales As A Profession Virtual Conference will be held on June 18th from 9am to 3pm and the packed agenda will be very relevant to anyone who does sales, including entrepreneurs. Other presenters include Beverley Thompson, Stevie Award Winner and Chief Executive Officer of HULAINE Strategic Services, who will discuss the changing face of sales leadership; Shaun Rampersad, Chief Executive Officer of RAMPS Logistics, who will show how to adjust strategies in a crisis; Samantha Conyers, Chief Experience Officer of the Experience Company, will demonstrate how to use customer success to boost sales; Keron Rose, Online Business Educator, will explore how to bring a business into the digital age; Best-Mitchell will discuss how to use LinkedIn to grow a brand and business; and Brathwaite will show how to build a business around a Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Interested persons can visit to register and for further details. Attendance is $USD 50.00 per person but there are also early bird and group discounts.

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