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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

Tobago Carnival 2023: Second annual celebrations kick off with bmobile’s support

TSTT Corporate Communications

Press Release

As Tobago prepares to host visitors for its second annual Carnival celebrations, the island is building on the successes from its inaugural year, entrenching the three-day celebration as a mainstay in the cultural and event calendar. Tobago’s Carnival is more than just a celebration, it's a testament to the unity, culture, and resilience of the island. The partnership between this festival of cultural expressions and bmobile, a major sponsor of the Carnival for a second year, is a natural fit.

The communications solutions provider is proud to be a part of these celebrations and pledges its commitment to ensuring the carnival runs smoothly.

Kent Western, General Manager of Customer Experience and Marketing for bmobile, states, "bmobile was an integral part of Tobago’s Carnival when it began in 2022.” According to Western, “The company recognizes the potential of the Tobago Carnival brand and the role bmobile plays in its growth. Tobago Carnival has offered a revitalised approach to reach new markets in the festival tourism space while also preserving the cultural elements that have made it a success in Trinidad. We are proud to continue our strong partnership, contributing to greater development in Tobago and fully supporting the work of the THA, all while championing local culture."

The Division of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities, and Transportation has been working diligently to ensure the success of this year's Carnival. Gold Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Collis Hazel, assures that the island is fully prepared to deliver a safe and secure Carnival.

As part of its support as Gold Sponsor, bmobile has also partnered with the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) to provide much-needed reliable internet connectivity which is essential for the Joint Operation Command (JOC) post, further ensuring the smooth execution of the three-day event and the safety of revellers and spectators.

bmobile has also invested in upgrading its network infrastructure during the period to provide visitors, spectators and carnival lovers with a connected carnival experience.

Some exciting changes are in store for this year’s festivities. The most significant is the centralization of the festival in the Scarborough region, excluding other locations like Crown Point and Roxborough. Additionally, the festival will now span three days, with a dedicated day for steel pan, a UNESCO-recognized art form. The Tobago Region of PanTrinbago has dubbed this extended celebration 'Rhythm, Steel, and Powder.' bmobile is thrilled to be part of this cultural expansion and evolution in Tobago.

Secretary of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities, and Transportation, Councillor Tashia Burris, reflects on the island's enthusiasm, stating, "The Division has looked at every possible aspect of the Carnival that was necessary to ensure that this year's edition embodies the ritual, revelry, and release that this event has become known for." With an increase in local participation and the warm welcome extended to the overseas community, this Carnival promises to be a truly inclusive and memorable experience.

This year's Carnival is being coordinated by the Division of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities, and Transportation, with the support of special purpose companies like Tobago Festivals Commission Limited, Tobago Tourism Agency Limited, and Tobago Performing Arts Company.

As an integral part of Tobago's vibrant community, bmobile is deeply committed to the success of Tobago’s Carnival and the island's continued development. Together, the island celebrates the unity and culture that make Tobago a unique and remarkable destination. Get ready to revel in the festivities and create unforgettable memories at this year's Tobago Carnival.

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