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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

TSTT Announces Enhanced Network Resilience for Tobago.

TSTT Corporate Communication

Over the next few months, Tobago will experience firsthand the benefits of TSTT’s investment in service improvement as the telecommunications provider strategically enhances network redundancy. This initiative is aimed at ensuring continuous connectivity on the island in the face of unexpected challenges.
The company has been working diligently over the past few months to diversify the network pathways leading to Tobago. This strategy not only prepares TSTT to effectively manage unforeseen challenges but also highlights its efforts in enhancing service quality.
Currently, the national communications infrastructure to Tobago primarily relies on a single fibre path through Toco via an existing subsea cable system used by all service providers. This vulnerability was highlighted on Tuesday when a major bushfire severely damaged the fibre optic cables that service the island, impacting multiple service and utility providers.
Based on consistent feedback from our customers and stakeholders, TSTT has been taking significant steps to fortify its network:
• New Fibre Pathway - the introduction of an additional, independent fibre path to Tobago, which will significantly enhance network redundancy and resilience.
• Enhanced Microwave Link - An upgraded microwave link from Toco to Tobago is being installed to maintain voice call capabilities should the fibre path be compromised.
These measures, which have been in the pipeline for some time, are set to be rolled out imminently, as part of a broader strategy to improve network reliability in Tobago.
"Tuesday’s bushfire incident was unfortunate, and the impact is indeed regrettable," said Acting CEO, Mr. Western. "Through these additional network pathways, we are committed to ensuring that our customers and businesses in Tobago are not just connected but are supported with the most reliable and resilient service possible. We understand the important role that connectivity plays in the daily lives of our customers and the broader society. Our ongoing investments reaffirm our pledge to keep Tobago connected in today’s digital world."

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