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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

TSTT delivers future insights at AMCHAM’s Tech Hub Islands Summit

TSTT Corporate Communications

Press Release

The AMCHAM Tech Hub Islands Summit (THIS) returned on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th June, 2023 presenting an innovative hybrid summit designed to foster meaningful discussion in the tech space and help promote Trinidad and Tobago as an innovation hub. The Summit's 2023 theme of Catapult was timely, as presenters and panelists joined leading Caribbean companies at the Trinidad Hyatt Regency for immersive conversations in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data, FinTech, Innovation and Cybersecurity.

As the leading telecommunications provider in T&T, TSTT’s Darryl Duke, Assistant General Manager - Business Sales, joined a panel of esteemed technology and digital minds to discuss the topic of Current and Future Skills. Duke highlighted the importance of future planning to the attendees, citing recent research that indicated over 85% of the jobs in 2030 don't exist yet. "Aside from technical skill sets, it is important that we enable people to equip themselves with other skills including critical thinking, communication skills and the ability to connect with others by leveraging emotional intelligence, which is crucial as well," Duke added. Duke noted that as a company, TSTT has had to evolve, adapt and innovate as technological advances have impacted several business lines.

"Technological changes have led to new ways in which users access our products and services. Previously profitable business lines for TSTT have been impacted by companies in the global Big Six group, like WhatsApp and other OTT companies. But given our progressive approach to building digital and technological capacity in T&T, we have diversified our business offerings and extended into parallel and related business lines, including data centre operations, Cloud services business, eHealth, FinTech and security." Today, TSTT services major corporate and State entities via one of the top globally-rated data centres in the western hemisphere and offers services that support business lines from SMEs to major corporate clients. Duke noted that one of the critical requirements of thriving in business today is to be fearless. "Business is changing, and if you leave your business to operate as is, you will soon not have a business. Fearlessness is key, as is lifelong learning," Duke advised the audience.

Fellow panelists included Eldred Garcia, SVP of Business and Partner Development of First Atlantic Commerce, Miles Abraham, Director, Strategy & Innovation of SI Digital and Devindra Ramnarine, Digital Transformation Adviser, Ministry of Digital Transformation. Garcia echoed Duke's contributions, advising attendees to 'get comfortable in your uncomfortableness.' "Staying ahead requires constant change so it is key to leverage soft skills to remain competitive. Soft skills are critical in being adaptable and malleable."

Duke reinforced TSTT's role at the forefront of technological and digital transformation in T&T. "TSTT is laser-focused in supporting government and corporate T&T in their digital transformation journey. As the preferred and only native telecom provider, we are working to make T&T a better place, and a country that is overall more efficient, resilient and more competitive."

The Tech Hub Islands Summit aims to provide valuable insights into technology's potential applications for companies and individuals, offering an unparalleled opportunity to enhance professional growth and enrich personal lives. The event is held in-person and virtually annually, attracting a cadre of leading thinkers and speakers. This year's event also featured speakers from MasterCard Caribbean, PWC, Republic Bank, EXIM Bank, the IDB, Visa, Plumia, NVIDIA and Google.

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