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Covid-19: Our Response

Here at TSTT, our mission is all about connections - enabling them, building them, and sustaining them. We are deeply invested in Trinidad and Tobago and in bridging the digital divide.

As we continue to closely monitor developments related to the impact of COVID-19 on the national community, we recognize that our customers are relying on our services to ensure they maintain important connections with loved ones, colleagues, healthcare providers, and more. We're committed to providing the support you need, when you need it the most. In order to help our customers and stakeholders keep informed, stay safe and navigate this challenging time, we have implemented a range of measures.

For Our Customers

Ensuring that our customers stay connected during this critical time is one of our major priorities.

  • zero-rating key websites to make information easily accessible to all customers

  • temporarily increasing the "bligh" amount from $10 to $20

  • encouraging customers to manage their accounts, pay bills and purchase credit online

  • instituting social distancing and increased sanitization practices in our offices, stores and on home visits by our technicians

  • providing safety tips and updates via our online platforms


Our Network

Our network remains robust and active and our teams are working safely 24/7 to guarantee its performance, even in periods of expected heavy traffic. We are rigorously monitoring, optimizing and protecting our network so that customers continue to have access to the most reliable services and solutions. We also continuously monitoring bandwidth, analyzing network statistics and usage trends which allows for effective performance and capacity management to ensure the delivery of a capable and reliable service.

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