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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

2020 Great Race: Technology driven with support from bmobile

TSTT Corporate Communications

Press Release

The Trinidad and Tobago Great Race was live streamed for the first time last year with over 100,000 viewers globally. In 2020, this experimental add-on feature has become the cornerstone of this year’s race by ensuring that the 52nd edition of the race can still be held in the midst of a global pandemic. Renowned for holding the title of the world's longest running offshore powerboat race in the world, it was important to the Trinidad and Tobago Power Boats Association (TTPBA), the host of the annual race, that the world record was maintained by having the race this year. With the support from bmobile, the technology partner of the 2020 Great Race, the race will be live streamed for a second year to allow the annual crowds of supporters to still enjoy the race from the comfort of their homes. On Saturday 26th September, twenty-nine boats are expected to launch from William’s Bay in Chaguaramas with a staggered start from 7am and a race finish at Store Bay, Tobago.
Ian Galt, General Manager, Enterprise Services at TSTT noted that the introduction of technology has led to profound advances, with exponential ripple effects, on the continued development of economies around the world, including Trinidad and Tobago. “bmobile is committed to supporting the sustainable development of our national sports, as well as our nation, through the provision of the latest in telecommunication products and services. We are proud to be the technology partner for the Great Race for a second year and we wish the Trinidad and Tobago Power Boat Association a safe and successful event.”
Marcus Gomez, TTPBA President explained how modern technology will feature prominently in this year’s race and help drive the success of the event. He shared that the live stream will be done via the TTPBA and bmobile Facebook pages using cameras spread out on land along the racecourse. The start of the race will be staggered with the slower boats starting first, followed by the faster boats. This will also ensure that boats will be constantly passing the camera points throughout the duration of the race. Two commentators will follow the progress of the race using the GPS tracking of the boats and provide updates and additional entertainment via their lively coverage of the race.

“To do a live stream, our camera men need a robust WIFI signal at their locations and bmobile has provided the WIFI devices required to support a high quality live stream along the racecourse, as well as a cable drop at the race finish at Store Bay. bmobile has also assisted with the technology behind the GPS tracking of the boats which is important not only from a safety perspective but will allow the commentators and online viewers to see the positions of all the boats and to follow the performance of the individual boats as they race each other.”
Grateful that they got approval from the government to host the race this year, the TTPBA wants to ensure that there are no breaches of the COVID-19 regulations, especially as it pertains to the congregating of persons. Gomez reminded that all beaches remain closed and spectators will not be allowed to gather anywhere along the racecourse. The police and coast guard will be patrolling the areas where persons usually gather to watch the race to ensure that there are no crowds of people or raft up of boats.
Gomez urged supporters to stay at home and watch the race so that the COVID-19 regulations can be upheld and assured that there will be very exciting coverage of the race to keep viewers engaged and entertained. Noting that the use of technology would open up the race to an even larger local and global audience this year, Gomez thanked bmobile for its sponsorship stating “The TTPBA is very grateful to have bmobile as our technology partner for a second consecutive year as this will certainly raise the bar for the Great Race this year.” Be sure to log on to the TTPBA and bmobile Facebook pages at 7am on 26th September to watch this year’s exciting race!

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