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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

bmobile Rewards Customers with Brand New Car and Kitchen Makeovers

TSTT Press Release

Corporate Communications

Dr. LaVern Anastacia Scott is still celebrating Christmas - in January.
She is the grand prize winner of bmobile’s ‘My Kinda Christmas’ promotion and the owner of a brand new Hyundai Ioniq vehicle. Scott, who received the keys to her car on January 29, at a prize giving event, held at Massy Motors, Morvant, couldn’t contain her excitement.
“Elated. I felt elated,” she said, noting also that when she first received the news from the bmobile team, she thought it was a hoax. “Well, I didn't really participate in anything. All I did was top up my card on Christmas Eve and that was it. I just did something very routine, a $349 talk and data plan top up. So when I got the call that I had won the grand prize of a new car, I couldn't believe it,” shared Scott.
She continued, “I remember clearly, I was about to doze off to sleep and the bmobile rep called and asked if I was sitting or standing and said that I should sit down and have a sip of water. I thought it was my friends playing a game. Even when he said ‘you’ve won My Kind of Christmas’, I reminded him it was January! I never expected to receive such a huge thing in my life.”
Kashif Greaves, TSTT’s Senior Manager Product Life Cycle, explained that the campaign was designed to celebrate the season while providing value to customers in tangible ways. “During the conceptualization phase, we made it a priority to seek our customer’s input. From the overwhelming feedback received, we designed a campaign geared towards placing the customer at the forefront and improving the quality of their lives through the use of technology. We also took the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to our loyal customers and give back in the form of free service for one year, cash prizes, two kitchen makeovers and the grand prize of a brand new Hyundai Ioniq vehicle.”
Scott, a loyal customer for 16 years, said she remains grateful to bmobile for putting customers first and is happy to be a part of a local company that truly cares.
“I feel so proud of TSTT, not because of the vehicle, but because of their passion, enthusiasm and loyalty to their customers. The concept of winning out of the blue is very foreign to me, I don’t even play the lotto. But, I’m really going to enjoy this car. I’ve realised that I’ve stepped into the 21st century, because I've never had a keyless car before. I have always driven Toyota vehicles but I was extremely impressed with the modern features of the Ioniq. It looks like Star Trek.”
One of the promotion’s kitchen makeover winner, Onkel Byng, 38, of Scarborough, Tobago, shared similar views. A cook and lover of food, Byng said she couldn’t be happier for the unexpected, but much needed, Christmas gift.
“In Tobago, everything is about food. We don’t need a reason to cook. Something I’m proud to say, is that when we cook, a lot of young men in the village would come and eat with us in our yard. My husband and I are constantly in the kitchen, for Harvest in Tobago, for any event, any holiday. I like to do my prepping, seasoning of the meats, the day before and I do everything fresh. This kitchen makeover will make everything easier. I will have everything I need now to make my dishes. It's a dream come true,” said Byng, who also admitted to being skeptical about the prize.
“In December, I paid off my arrears, updated my phone and package but that was it, so when the bmobile rep called and told me I had won, I was a little shocked and I didn’t know whether to believe her. When I realised it was true, I smiled so hard. I have been dreaming of a kitchen makeover for a very, very long time.”

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